Former Penn State football assistant coach Mike McQueary, who testified against Jerry Sandusky in his high-profile child abuse trial, may have been abused himself as a child.

Mike McQueary Abused As Child

McQueary is the subject of a profile in a forthcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine. In the issue, the sports magazine claims that McQueary once told a group of Penn State football players that he could understand the traumatic experience of the boys who suffered at the hands of Sandusky – because he’d experience something similar.

“Mike McQueary confided to a dozen Nittany Lions players that he could relate to the helplessness of the young boy he had seen with Sandusky in a campus shower a decade earlier because he was abused as a boy, according to two players who attended the meeting and four others with knowledge of it,” a snippet from the article reads. “McQueary did not tell the players who had abused him or when or how long the abuse had occurred, the sources said.”

The meeting in question allegedly took place on Nov. 9, 2011. Three days before, prosecutors had made public McQueary’s allegations against Sandusky in a presentment. In the presentment, it was recorded that McQueary had seen Sandusky with a young boy in a shower at Penn State’s Lasch Football Building. His testimony played a large part in convicting the former Penn State coach.

McQueary will be tapped to testify when former Penn State officials Graham B. Spanier, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley eventually stand trial.

– Chelsea Regan

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