Michael Grant Terry played Wendell Bray on hit Fox series Bones, which ended last March. The final episode saw the fictional Jeffersonian laboratory blown up after a bomb attack from a past series villain, and Terry thinks it was a fitting ending.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said of the finale. “It’s pretty wild to see the lab completely destroyed. Coming onto that set on the last few days was emotional and awesome. To end the series in that sense and to end the home that I’d been at eight years – to see that whole space destroyed and demolished was kind of an awesome way to end it, a nice wiping of everything. But it was sad, like that’s another family you’re with for a long period of time and to say goodbye was hard.”

As for his favorite episode he filmed during his eight year tenure, Terry recalls a fun episode shot with co-star David Boreanaz. “A long time ago there was a hockey episode I did with David that is a very fond memory of mine, where we basically played hockey for an entire episode, which was awesome,” he said. Another fond memory he has from the show was when he and the other so-called ‘squintern’ characters got to share an episode – Bones usually filmed with just one of many ‘squinterns’ in each. “There’s a 9/11 episode where all the ‘squinterns’ got to talk about their experiences of 9/11 and I think that’s one of the first times I got to meet the other ‘squinterns’ on the show, some of whom I’ve become very good friends with. Those are the best memories for me.”

Aside from that, Terry says the most fun he had on set was just laughing with his co-stars. “But man, the laughter,” he said. “As you can probably see – Google some bloopers on Bones – it’s obvious that we all had a lot of fun and liked to laugh.”

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