Melania Trump‘s distance from her husband Donald‘s re-election campaign has not gone unnoticed.

In January 2023, she was nowhere to be seen at two of his first major campaigns, one in South Carolina and the other in New Hampshire. Her interest in the political spotlight overall seems to have dimmed as well, and she has made fewer and fewer planned public appearances over the months.


Melania still tweets occasionally, however. Most recently on March 7 and 8, she spoke out publicly during International Women’s Day, celebrating the soon-to-come erection of a women’s suffrage monument in D.C.’s National Mall.

Despite her political absentia, she did tell Breitbart News last November that she supports Donald’s decision to re-run for president.

“His achievements during his administration had a great effect on all of us, and he can lead us toward success and prosperity again,” she said. “I await the day when my husband returns to lead an America that is characterized by peace, love, and security.”

She has been mocked frequently online for her line of NFTs.

On New Year’s. Melania was seen looking disgusted after holding Donald’s sweaty hand.

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