Melania Trump is selling Christmas NFTs and physical ornaments after her infamous anti-Christmas rant.

The ornaments, “handcrafted” by the former First Lady herself, are selling for $45 according to an advertisement to supporters.

The NFTs and ornaments, according to Trump’s own website, includes her signature.

“My creative inspiration for the upcoming holiday season is hope, and naturally, the Star embodies this spirit,” Trump wrote on her site.

Two NFT’s available on her site are going for $150 each, one that is a collection of artworks based on the former First Lady, the other is called The MetaRose.

“My hope is for families across the world to use The Christmas Star ornament to inspire their loved ones with positive purpose, aspirations, and values as we enter the new year,” she wrote.

It is a surprising move for Trump to be selling Christmas decorations considering the anti-Christmas rants she reportedly delivered while in the White House.

Trump’s closest adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff wrote in her book that Melania raged about having to do “the Christmas stuff” and “f— Christmas.” She followed it up with, “but I need to do it, right?”

Trump explained these comments by claiming they were taken out of context.

“Christmas is an important time for me, my family, and the American people, and my devotion to the holiday is personal and profoundly serious,” she said.

Back in 2021, the former First Lady sold “breathtaking watercolor art” that was accompanied by an audio message

Earlier this year, Trump put on auction digital artwork as well as a white hat worn during her visit to Paris with the then-president, starting the bidding at $250,000.

The 45th President has sold mini hat “Make America Great Again” ornaments in the past.

An ad during the 2016 race said this product shows “Trump’s commitment to the Christmas spirit.”

Melania was widely criticized for not condemning the January 6 Capitol riots. She later claimed she was too busy to notice them.

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