Mel Gibson, who knows a thing or two about celebrity scandals, is offering his sympathy to the guy with a bull’s eye on these days – Tiger Woods. "I feel sorry for the guy. Ask any human being walking on the planet, ‘Have you ever done anything that you’re not too proud of?’ and I think most people will say, ‘Yes. I’ve done a few things I’m not too proud of,’" Gibson tells Good Morning America. "And a lot of times the most difficult thing about all of that is being able to forgive yourself… and if everyone else is beating on you, I think it’s not to easy to do.”

Gibson, who has Edge of Darkness, his first starring role in 8 years, set for release this week, has had his own personal problems magnified by his celebrity status, including a 2006 arrest for drunk driving where he made anti-semitic remarks toward the arresting officer. “I love the guy," he says of Woods. "I think he’s full of flaws, like the rest of us. I want to watch him play golf.” –JOE GALBO


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