McDonald’s unveiled their new Hamburglar, and the updated incarnation of the former cartoon villain is causing a lot of buzz.

Meet The New Hamburglar

The Hamburglar used to be a cartoon boy with a round face, obsessed with burgers and fast food, but the new Hamburglar looks strikingly different. For starters, the Hamburglar is no longer a cartoon, but an actor – and a good-looking one at that. The new Hamburglar is all grown up.

Now a suburban dad who enjoys grilling burgers for his son in the backyard, the Hamburglar is inspired to put on the mask again and resume his Hamburglar identity by the release of McDonald’s newest burger.

“The Hamburglar was last seen on national television in 2002, and has been lying low until the release of the McDonald’s new Sirloin Third Pound Burgers. These days, he’s a suburban dad. Previously, the Hamburglar had been living a quiet life until the release of Sirloin Third Pound Burgers, which lured him back into the public eye,” said McDonald’s.

The new Hamburglar is part of a massive social media strategy from McDonalds, which has created a Hamburglar Snapchat and had him ‘take over’ their official Twitter account.

Hamburglar’s makeover has gotten mixed reviews, with some enjoying the new, ‘hot’ fast food mascot and others finding him more than a little disturbing.

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