Cardi B and Offset appeared in a McDonald’s ad that aired just before the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The fast-food chain announced its special couple’s meal, which is available starting on Valentine’s Day for a limited time. It includes Cardi B’s choice of a cheeseburger with barbeque sauce and a large Coke and Offset’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese with a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst plus a large order of fries and an apple pie.

“Whether it’s going for a date night or grabbing a bite after late-night studio sessions… I’m always asking Offset to take me to McDonald’s,” Cardi B said in a press release for the meal. “And now, Offset and I have a meal named after us! I want all my fans to try it – especially with that BBQ sauce.”

In a behind-the-scenes video, the two rappers talked about their favorite memories at McDonald’s growing up.


Cardi B shared that she always wanted a birthday party at the restaurant as a kid and loved playing at the playground.

The restaurant stated that social media posts showing date nights at McDonald’s were the inspiration behind the campaign.

The Super Bowl ad featured several couples demonstrating their familiarity by knowing their significant others’ McDonald’s orders.

You can watch the McDonald’s commercial below.

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