Former Glee actor Matthew Morrison has expressed his outrage over a video that depicted animal abuse on set of Crazy Alien, a Chinese movie that he has a role in.

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A video was sent to the animal rights organization PETA that depicted a German Shepard being suspended over water in a metal cage. The cage is then shaken and spun around before ejecting the dog out of the cage.


“The next shot was at the river’s edge where the dog was put back into his cage and tormented into a frenzy once again. This time … the cage … was hoisted 20 ft. and was flung while spinning out of control towards the river. … The cage was completely submerged with the dog in it landing in a 10 mph current. After 5–8 seconds, the director yelled out ‘cut.’ ” the whistle-blower wrote to PETA.

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Morrison was not present when this video was taken. The actor said, “Had I been on set or known about this, I would have made all efforts to stop this.”


Crazy Alien, which is set to be released later this year, is a Chinese film that is directed by Ning Ha. It is the third installment of a dark comedy triology, following the movies Crazy Stone and Crazy Racer.

Ha has not commented in response to the video’s release.

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