Matthew Apperson, 37, has been sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman.


The two have been involved in multiple incidents since Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed black teenage boy Trayvon Martin in 2012. Apperson and Zimmerman were involved in a road rage incident last year, in which Apperson fired his gun into Zimmerman’s car. Apperson claims he was acting in self-defense, and that Zimmerman pointed his gun first.

Zimmerman testified that Apperson had chased him with a weapon and tried to kill him. The jury found Apperson guilty of attempted second-degree murder, in addition to aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Florida’s state law demands the minimum sentence for shooting a gun at another person is 20 years. Zimmerman walked free after killing Martin. He constantly brags about the event, and even auctioned off the gun he used for $250,000.

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