Mary Louise Parker, best known for starring on Showtime’s Weeds, plans to write a memoir for Scriber in the form of letters to men she’s known throughout her life.

Mary Louise Parker Memoir

Parker, 50, announced her memoir, titled Dr. Mr. You, in a press release. “I am so honored and thrilled to be working with Scribner and in the company of such wonderful writers,” said the actress.

As for Scriber, they’re wholly excited to have Parker joining their list of impressive memoirists. “From Frank McCourt to Jeannette Walls to Anjelica Huston, Scribner loves a great memoirist, and Mary-Louise Parker is one,” said Nan Graham, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Scribner. “Her writing is magnificent; the conceit – a memoir in letters to men – is wholly original and brilliantly executed.”

Colin Harrison, vice-presideent and editor-in-chief of Scribner added, “Mary-Louise Parker’s prose is vivid, urgent and emotionally frank.”

Parker has previously published essays and short stories, including one about her father and her son for Esquire in 2012. It's unknown if Parker will be writing letters to he father and son in her memoir, or who else may or may not make the cut.

Parker previously dated actor Billy Crudup, with whom she had her son. She was later engaged to Grey's Anatomy actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and was last linked to singer Charlie Mars.


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    We won't know for sure until it's published, but the idea sounds like it could be trashy. If she's just airing dirty laundry from her point-of-view, it's a scuzzy move. Especially if she does it to the father of her son, even if he is a crap dad or man. One day the kid will be asked about it. I don't care how brilliantly she writes or how much money she'll rake in with a tell-all, she's got other options.

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