Mary-Louise Parker‘s nanny has been charged with allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the actress by withdrawing large sums of cash using the star’s debit card.

The nanny, Amanda Hoston-St. Louis, 33, was tasked on several occasions to use Parker’s debit card to make purchases for the actress’ children. Hoston-St. Louis instead used the card to make two cash withdraws, both over $3,000, in April.

While the criminal charges apply only to the two withdraws, it is reported that the nanny has stolen over $30,000 since her employment with Parker began, according to the Daily News.

Parker was originally made privy to the illegal withdraws by her bank. The actress then notified the police, who arrested Hoston-St. Louis on Monday. Parker notified the police that this theft was not the first time that Hoston-St. Louis had stolen from her, according to TMZ.

Hoston-St. Louis was arraigned in a Brooklyn court on Tuesday. She now faces several charges including grand larceny, identity theft, criminal possession of stolen property, and unlawful possession of personal identification. After the arraignment, Hoston-St. Louis was released without bail.

Parker, 52, lives in Brooklyn with her two children, William Crudup, 13, and her daughter, Caroline Parker, who she adopted from Ethiopia in 2007.

Hoston-St. Louis had been working for Parker since at least 2015 – Parker included Hoston-St. Louis in the acknowledgment section of her 2015 memoir, Dear Mr. You.

The Weeds actress currently guest stars on the Showtime series, Billions, as George Minchak, a political strategist.

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