Mary Kay Letourneau, the woman who was jailed for raping her sixth grade student, has died after a battle with cancer at 58 years old. Letourneau had made headlines in the 90s when she was charged with raping her student Vili Fualaau. After spending time in jail, the pair got married in 2005 and had two daughters together. 

Letourneau’s attorney David Gehrke confirmed her death form cancer and said, “It was expected but sad anyway. She was a good person.”

Letourneau was 34 and Fualaau was 12 at the time of the start of their relationship. Letourneau admitted that to having a romantic relationship with the Fualaau and later pleaded guilty to the charges set against her in a plea deal under the conditions that she would not have contact with Fualaau. However, she was sentenced to seven years in prison after she was caught having sex with Fualaau in a car after the no-contact rule was put in place. Once she was released form prison in 2004, the couple reunited and were married in 2005.

After being married for over 10 years, Fualaau had filed for legal separation in 2017. The two divorced in 2019.

In 2014, Letourneau had another run in with the law when she failed to appear for a suspended driver’s license case. She was originally pulled over for expired plates when it was discovered she had a suspended license for unpaid traffic tickets. She was directed to enter a state relicensing program, which would allow her to avoid criminal charges, but meant she would have to pay the fines and tickets. When Letourneau did not show up for the program, a criminal case wad filed against her.


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