Chinese billionaire Lin Qi died on Christmas Day, police are now reporting that they are investigating whether the 39-year-old gaming tycoon was poisoned. Lin Qi was the chairman and founder of Chinese gaming company Yoozoo.

Two days before his death, Yoozoo issued a statement saying that Lin had been admitted to the hospital for “physical discomfort.” One of his colleague’s, who goes by the surname Xu, has been detained in Shanghai, with authorities revealing that they had first been made aware of the suspected poisoning on December 17.

Lin was worth $1 billion, due to his company being among the leading mobile game publishers in China. His company was mostly known for the role-play game Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming. He later purchased the rights to a popular Chinese sci-fi novel, The Three-Body Problem, in which he secured a deal with Netflix to turn the book into a television series.

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