The grand Pennsylvania home featured in Marley & Me is for sale for $1.25 million. The 175-year-old, five bedroom, 3.5 bath home comes with 16 acres of land, including four outbuildings, a barn and six stalls.

The stone house is currently owned by attorney John Ennis and his wife, fine-arts photographer Lisa Taylor Ennis, who are looking to downsize now that their three kids have grown up, according to the Daily Local. While the Jennifer Aniston (pictured) and Owen Wilson movie was being filmed, the Ennises were moved into a nearby condo. Their home features in the latter part of the movie, when the Grogans (Wilson and Aniston) move to Pennsylvania with their three children and aging dog, Marley.

Scouts for the movie’s production company apparently decided on the Chester County home after looking through Pennsylvania and Connecticut, says the Daily Local. “They wanted a house that symbolized the Grogans’ rock-solid relationship,” Ennis said of the house at 1175 Meetinghouse Road. Most of the Ennises' furniture, quilts and artwork (including Lisa's photography) remained in the house during the two months of filming.

Although the hit movie released in 2008, the house’s popularity has far from waned. “People still come by to take pictures,” John said. “A whole load of kids and parents will jump out of the car and snap photos in front of Marley’s house. People are polite and discreet; they don’t want to meet us. They just want to see Marley’s house.”

Real estate agent Dick Gross is highlighting the house's movie ties when advertising it. “Selling a house is like selling a piece of artwork. If the art or the house has good provenance — based on who owns or owned it, or what happened there — you do your client a disservice if you don’t take advantage of that,” he said.

The Ennises purchased the house in 1996, when it was in disrepair. They slept in the living room while doing most of the renovations themselves. The house now features a new Waterbury-designed kitchen, a 50-year cedar shake roof, Nordic hardwood floors and a redone master bath Carrara marble and a claw-foot soaking tub.


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    I remember seeing the movie and thinking how much I loved that house!

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