This Friday, an intruder was shot after trying to jump the fence of supermodel Miranda Kerr‘s home. The man stabbed Kerr’s security guard in the eye, and the guard shot him multiple times.

TMZ reports that Kerr was not at home at the time, and that the guard and intruder were airlifted to the hospital. They both suffered injuries which are non-life threatening, and are expected to survive the confrontation.

Kerr’s neighbors reported that such violence is unusual for Malibu, California, area. Local resident Craig Moore said, “It’s kind of a crazy thing to happen out here in Malibu. I guess it happens everywhere but we just don’t ever have it happen in our neighborhood.”

The Special Enforcement Bureau in Los Angeles tweeted a picture of the victims being airlifted yesterday. “Malibu stabbing victim. LASD Air Rescue 5 airlifts victim to trauma center. SEB Tac Medics provide patient care in flight.”, the tweet reads.

Kerr bought the Malibu home in 2014, after divorcing ex-husband Orlando Bloom. The two were married from 2010 to 2013.

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