A man in a Pikachu costume was arrested this week after jumping over a fence at the White House.


36-year-old Curtis Combs jumped the fence between the South Lawn and the Ellipse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue around 9:35 am Tuesday morning. The area was marked with a “Do Not Enter” sign, and the man was ordered to stop climbing by a Secret Service agent, but he did not heed the warning.

Combs was recording a video of his attempted jump but was stopped short due to the quick reaction by agents. He was apprehended by authorities after he landed on the other side of the fence. In addition, Combs dropped a bag on the public side of the fence before hopping over, but police quickly cleared that the act was not a threat.

While many tourists have attempted to jump a White House fence, none have done so in a Pikachu costume before. However, a man in 2014 did hop over the fence onto the North Lawn in a PIkachu hat and holding a stuffed Pikachu doll.

Combs reportedly told an officer that he “wanted to become famous, and thought jumping the White House fence and posting it to YouTube would make him famous.” He also shared that he hoped to return to the White House for a tour with his son, but that seems unlikely now that charges are being pressed against him.

Combs is being charged with unlawful entry, according to a document posted by NBC 4 reporter Scott MacFarlane. “Curtis Combs of Kentucky charged w/ Unlawful Entry for breaching White House security, seeking to jump fence & post it to YOUTUBE,” he posted alongside the document.

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