Jameson Witty, an 18-year-old man living in Southern California has been arrested for steeling a piece of the wreckage from the car accident that resulted in Paul Walker’s death.

Jameson Witty Allegedly Stole Piece Of Porsche

Witty was reportedly driving behind the tow truck carrying the remains of the Porsche which erupted into flames, killing Walker and the driver, friend of Walker, Roger Rodas. Witty exited his vehicle when the truck was stopped at a red light and allegedly grabbed a piece of the wreckage off the back of the tow truck on Saturday when the remains were being moved by the police.

“A witness saw a male exit a vehicle that was following the tow truck…The male grabbed apiece of the wrecked Porsche off the tow truck bed,” the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department said Friday.

They were able to track down Witty and reportedly found a red T-top roof panel in his Canyon Country home, not far from the accident.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, a second suspect has been identified, but has not yet been arrested. The suspect, 25, is not currently in the state of California, but has reportedly contacted the Sheriff’s Department and has made arrangements to turn himself in. He and Witty could both face charges of felony grand theft and tampering with evidence. Witty is currently being held on a $20,000 bail.

“The investigation of the traffic collision is ongoing. This includes examination of the wrecked vehicle for any further evidence that could help investigators to determine the cause of the collision,” reads the police report.

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The circumstances surrounding Walker’s sudden death on Saturday, Nov. 30, continue to be uncovered. A coroner’s report released earlier this week revealed that Rodas died of traumatic injuries while Walker died of traumatic and thermal injuries. And the safety of the Porsche Carrera GT Rodas was driving has been called into question.

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