In what is an essential scene in every Real Housewives season, a screaming fight broke out at a slightly inappropriate time, involving the feuding stars Suton Stracke and Lisa Rinna.

In the episode which aired Wednesday, Rinna briefly screamed at Stracke while seated at an event fundraising for a dental charity that Dorit Kemsley was throwing. The pot was first stirred by Kyle Richards, however. She decided to open up an old argument by asking if Rinna really told Stracke “to get the f––k out of her house.”

While Sutton attempted to move on from the conversation, she began arguing back after Lisa denied saying it.

Rinna then began raising her voice saying, “The fact that you didn’t go apologize to my husband when you had a chance,” and yelled “Why is it your f––king problem?” when Sutton said she did send an apologetic text.


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“What made you do that?” Lisa continued yelling. “That is the answer I want. When I get it, I will let it the f––k go! If you are going to make me do it across a f––king table, I’ll do it.” Luckily, the argument was derailed when Dorit welcomed musical performer Melissa Etheridge to sing.

After some dancing and partying, the group sat back down and Stracke and Rinna are heard reconciling. “I’m sorry, let’s move on,” Rinna says. She also later tearfully said that her aggression came from the fact that her dead mother’s belongings had just arrived at her house that day.

“It was so wrong what we just did and I’m sorry that it was projected onto you,” Rinna told Stracke, showing a degree of self-awareness that feuding Real Housewives stars don’t often show in the heat of the moment.

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