Lindsay Lohan made fun of herself and her tumultuous history behind the wheel in her Super Bowl ad for Esurance.

Lindsay Lohan Super Bowl Ad

Lohan made her long-awaited television comeback on Sunday, starring in a 40-second spot for the insurance company that aired during Super Bowl XLIX. Lohan appeared as a horrible driver who was “Sorta” the mother of a boy waiting to be picked up after school.

The commercial, which begins with Lohan running over an orange cone to pull up in front of two children, appears to be making light of Lohan’s history of driving offenses, which include being arrested for DUI and an alleged hit and run.

In a special behind-the-scenes video for the commercial, Lohan revealed that it was her first time acting in front of a camera since her last stint in rehab. “It’s the first time I’m on set since I did a play… It’s really a nice experience,” she said.

While Lohan’s ad certainly turned heads, Esurance’s biggest hit came with their other ad starring Bryan Cranston, who reprised his Breaking Bad role of Walter White.

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