Lily Tomlin will be reuniting with her Nine to Five costar Jane Fonda in a new Netflix comedy series called Grace and Frankie.

Lily Tomlin On 'Grace & Frankie'

According to Tomlin, her Netflix series Grace & Frankie features “two women whose husbands are lawyers and have been business partners for 40 years." In her interview with Vanity Fair, Tomline added, “The two girls don’t like each other, though. [Jane Fonda’s character] is very straight-laced, Republican, and conservative in her dress. She is married to Martin Sheen’s character.” As for Tomlin’s character, who is married to Sam Waterston, she “is very bohemian.”

At the start of the series, Grace (Fonda) and Frankie (Tomlin) head to a double-date dinner with their husbands, which goes a bit differently then they'd anticipated. “We go out to dinner thinking that our husbands are going to announce their retirement,” Tomlin explained. “And instead, they announce that for 20 years they’ve been having an affair. And because they can legally get married now, they want to divorce us and get married.”

In Nine to Five, Tomlin and Fonda were joined in the cast by Dolly Parton. Despite multiple attempts to launch a Nine to Five sequel, the film never happened. Though the trio hasn't reunited on the big screen, Tomlin left it open as to whether or not Parton could make an appearance on Grace and Frankie.

“Yes, we need our Dolly," said Tomlin, thinking it over. "She might [show up], who knows.”

Grace and Frankie is slated to hit Netflix sometime in 2015.


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