Grammy Award winning rapper Lil Nas X faced off against veteran actor Sam Elliott, known for his western cowboy roles, in a Doritos Super Bowl commercial on Sunday.

Lil Nas X rode onto the ranch on horseback, wearing a black hat and boots to match. And then Elliott was in the way.

The two looked like they were going to fight each other, but the duel quickly turned into a dance-off over a blue packet of cool ranch Doritos.

“Make your move cowboy,” said Elliott as Old Town started playing.

Nas moved his arms like a wave, and then Elliott mimiced the motion using just his moustache.

The dance moves got more vigorous as Nas went down into a split, and Elliott turned around to hit his own butt.

Eventually, Nas claimed the prize and started to ride away, saying “Who got next?”

And then Billy Ray Cyrus appeared, strumming his guitar, and sang “I ain’t dancin.”

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