Levi JohnstonBristol Palin’s ex-fiancee and perennial Sarah Palin nemesis, says he regrets apologizing to the Palins for the scathing comments he made in a Vanity Fair interview last year. “I don’t really regret anything, but the only thing I wish I wouldn’t have done was put out that apology,” Johnston, who claims he only did it because  Bristol told him to, said to CBS News. “It kind of makes me sound like a liar, and I’ve never lied about anything.”

Johnston also talked about his plans to run for Sarah’s old job as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska – possibly as part of a reality show. When asked how he can win with zero experience he replied: “I really don’t think mayor is about qualifications. It’s really about the people liking you and believing in you.” –ANDREW BANKIN

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