Lethal Weapon may be turned into a television series on Fox.


Fox has decided to make a pilot for a new Lethal Weapon TV-series. The project comes from Warner Bros, which is fitting since they produced the films. The show will be based on the classic, 1987 film starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Just like the film, the series will essentially tell the familiar story of police officer, and former Navy SEAL, Martin Riggs who has recently lost his wife and child and decides to move to Los Angeles. Once there, he meets his new LAPD partner Roger Murtaugh who is getting “too old for this shit” and must supposedly avoid stress after suffering a minor heart attack.

The film version did very well back in the day, making over $120 million, leading to the making of Lethal Weapons 2, 3 and 4. The odd couple entertained viewers in the 80s and 90s and will no doubt entertain today’s viewers all the same.

Making TV-shows based on films is becoming a trend these days, with television version of Behind Enemy LinesTraining Day, The Notebook and Friday the 13th in development.

The new Lethal Weapon show is written by Matt Miller, and produced by Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz. Miller’s last TV-show Forever didn’t do so well, however, being canceled after just one season.

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