Shortly after Justin Bieber, 18, tweeted that his camera and his laptop had both been stolen from his tour manager's office during his performance in Tacoma, Wash., videos have been leaked online of what is ostensibly Bieber's personal footage, and even an alleged nude photo of Bieber has cropped up. And more blackmail is reportedly coming the Biebs' way.

Not that silence would have saved him, but Bieber tweeted his theives the tools with which to bury him in a series of complaints about his loss: "sucks when u take personal footage and people dont respect your privacy," Bieber tweeted, followed by "yesterday during the show me and my manager josh had some stuff stolen. really sucks. people should respect other's property," and finally "i had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me the most. #lame #norespect."

The thief / thieves, who set up a Twitter account designed to traumatize pint-sized pop star Bieber, posted what alleges to be a nude, full-frontal photo of Bieber that shows the hip tattoo of a bird that the singer is known to have, but cuts off at the shoulders, revealing no face. Fans have flooded Twitter saying that the photo is obviously a fake, but Bieber's camp hasn't responded.

Only a few back-and-forth tweets between Bieber and his tormenter(s) suggest what might be happening. "no matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans won't leave me. screw it. #toostrong," Bieber tweeted, to which the villainous holder(s) of the contraband released a series of threats: "haha. that is what u think. we will see tomorrow at NOON. last chance," followed by "and the rest of u can just shutup. u have no idea what i have and when u see tomorrow u will feel different," and "TOMORROW PUNK!"

Bieber, who shacks up with Selena Gomez, simply replied with the tweet, "noon." Most of his other recent Twitter activity has been focused on his appearance as a guest coach on FOX's The X Factor.

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