Kyle Busch, the winningest racecar driver across the top three NASCAR series, spoke exclusively with Uinterview prior to Daytona 2014. With 24 NASCAR series wins, Busch talked with authority about the recent increase in wrecks – and on the lighter side – about his car’s M&M-heavy makeover.

Kyle Bush Exclusive

In NASCAR, there’ve been more wrecks than usual, including in the Daytona 500 practice runs. “Couple guys got together and one guy spun out in between three and four. Nose hit into the wall and then a bigger crash a few minutes later down the front stretch, where a car got upside down actually,” Busch told Uinterview. “Nobody got injured so that was ok, but just some weird things going on in practice and weird situations that happen. Nothing that anybody meant to do at all or anything, just kind of accident things that were freak incidences.”

The reason for the accidents in practice and throughout the season Busch attributes to altered “closing rates” due to a redesign of standard NASCAR cars. Although the design change is minimal, it bears some responsibility for the accidents taking place on the track. While Busch admits there’ve been more wrecks, he’s not too concerned.

“It’s just a little bit of getting used to. We wreck this, we wreck like this all the time. You know, we did this down here last year as well too,” he said. "It was the first year for this car; it was way different than years past and so nobody was really use to it, and we wrecked quite a bit then. I thought people would figure it out by now, but seems like we still don’t quite get it.”

Aside from an extra inch on the spoiler of his car, Busch also has a new bright yellow paint job – and a ton of peanuts – on the exterior of his car. “It’s the start of a new season 2014 for NASCAR and what better way than America’s favorite nut being onboard our M&Ms' Camry,” the racecar driver said.

“Only one in one hundred [peanuts] is lucky enough to make it into a bag of M&Ms,” he added. “I never knew that, but it’s obviously a great thing to be onboard with the M&Ms car. They’re a great ambassador for our sport and they do such amazing things for our team. And, I look forward to carrying these colors to victory lane, nothing better than that.”

– Chelsea Regan

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