Kurt Cobain committed suicide twenty years ago on April 5, 1994 at the home he shared with Courtney Love in Seattle, Wa. Before the anniversary of the 27-year-old Nirvana frontman’s death, the Seattle Police Department released never-before-seen photos of the tragic day.

Kurt Cobain Death Photos

Recently, investigators considered reopening Cobain’s case after questions persisted about whether or not Cobain had actually committed suicide. The photos that have just now been released were only developed upon this latest investigation.

Among the newly released pictures include one in which Cobain’s foot is shone resting beside a box of bullets in a paper bag. The bullet that ended his life came from the box in the picture. Another image shows the late musician’s arm with his medical bracelet form his recent rehab stint. His suicide note, found pinned into a planter with a pen, is also pictured in the batch of photos. A wad of money, his wallet, cigarettes and his heroin kit are also pictured.

Kurt Cobain's suicide note

Kurt Cobain's wallet and heroin kit

Cobain’s body was found in the greenhouse above his home’s garage. It has been deduced that the troubled artist overdosed on heroin before shooting himself in the head. He was survived by his wife Courtney Love and their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside KISS, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates and Linda Ronstadt on April 10. The ceremony will air May 31 on HBO.

– Chelsea Regan

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