Kirby is one of Nintendo’s longest running mascots, and he’s celebrating his 25th anniversary. In honor of the milestone, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems announced three new Kirby games in the latest Nintendo Direct.


Based on a mode from Planet Robobot, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe was the first to appear, and it’s downloadable right now. A free-to start multiplayer title, four Kirbys band together to fight bosses. Select one of four classes – Sword Hero, Beam Mage, Hammer Lord or Doctor Healmore – and have at it.

Additional weapons and skills can be crafted or bought, and EXP can further enhance your Kirby of choice. Vigor, a stamina system, is required to play, however. It recharges over time, or you can refresh it by spending money through the eShop.

Kirby’s Blowout Blast will launch this summer. Maneuver Kirby through 25 3D stages. Utilizing Kirby’s innate inhaling skill will increase his firepower! Obtain high scores to earn gold trophies, and unlockable EX stages will provide a greater challenge to experienced Kirby vets.

Finally, a third Kirby title is also slated for the 3DS this year. A multiplayer-focused installment, this game will arrive by the holidays.

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