Kiefer Sutherland will have to put saving the world on hold and take care of himself for a while. The set of the hit Fox show 24 will temporarily stop filming, so Sutherland can undergo surgery to remove ruptured cysts near his kidney. Sutherland’s condition is not considered serious.

The 24 star is set to return to work soon after his surgery and is expected to resume filming as early as this week. "While Kiefer Sutherland is frustrated to miss even one day of work, he and Fox decided together that it would be best to complete this minor elective procedure now as a precaution as opposed to six weeks from now when production wraps," his rep said. The eighth season of 24 is currently airing on Fox. Sutherland’s short absence from filming should not create any delays to the season’s much-anticipated finale. –JENNIFER TSE

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