Bill Cosby is on trial for sexual assault after more than 40 women stepped forward and accused the 79-year-old.


While many actor friends of the Cosby’s have showed up in support, his wife of more than 50 years, Camille Cosby, has yet to make an appearance. His TV daughter Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played youngest Huxtable Rudy on The Cosby Show escorted the actor into the courtroom. She says she just wanted to be a good friend to him, but is not taking his charges lightly. “This is where you hear the facts. This is where the truth happens,” she told NBC News. “Right now, it’s the jury’s decision and it’s the jury’s job to decide guilt and innocence.”

One of the first women to testify, Andrea Constand, took the stand for the second day, giving multiple accounts of her claim that Cosby drugged and assaulted her outside of his home in Philadelphia in 2004. Before this week, Constand says she has never before spoken publicly about the incident.

While minor details in Constand’s claims fluctuated, most believe her account, despite the defendant’s lawyer’s attempts. “They are trying to poke holes in her timeline and discredit her,” Victoria Valentino, another victim, told The New York Times, “and she is being very prudent and authentic in her responses. It comes across very clearly that she is telling the truth.”

The lawyer, Agrusa, also insinuated that perhaps Constand wasn’t telling the full extent of her relationship with Cosby, 36 years her senior. “Mr. Cosby had already made clear that he had affection for you,” Agrusa said. “He had never disclosed to me that he had affection for me,” Constand replied levelly.

Gianna Constand, mother of the victim, says her daughter told her what had happened to her a year later. Gianna called Cosby to call him out, and he apologized and claimed it was consensual. “He said to me, ‘Mom, she even had an orgasm,'” Gianna said.

The trial will continue over the next two weeks.

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