Kelly Clarkson has released two new singles that represent an apparent departure from her usual style.


The singer has been released a new album every two years, and followed suit this year by announcing her newest album, Meaning of Life, will come out Oct. 27. As a bonus, Clarkson dropped two new singles on Thursday this week, plus an accompanying music video.

Both are drastically different from her usual brand of music. The first, “Love So Soft,” is far more soulful than her usual pop fare. This is the song with the music video attached, and features Clarkson in a yellow gown in a white field, with primary colors seeping in all the time. It also includes a troupe of talented back up dancers and singers.

The second single is called “Move You,” and again, it represents Clarkson’s shift into soulful ballads over pop anthems. Meaning of Life will be the artist’s eighth studio album, following Piece by Piece, which came out in Feb, 2015.

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