Looks like Keanu Reeves has become an even hotter  topic on the web, though not for his acting successes. Reeves, whose last hit film was The Matrix series, has become victim to a web meme which Photoshops an image of a sad Keanu onto various backdrops.

The photo was taken by paparazzi early last week, causing fans to band together and attempt to cheer up the actor. According to various blogs June 15 will be Cheer Up Keanu Day, calling for supporters to send gifts and niceties to Reeves via his agents. There is also a Facebook event for those who wish to comfort the dejected actor.

At last count, the event had 10,971 confirmed guests. –ELENA COX

To view the pics, go to: www.urlesque.com/2010/06/11/11-sad-keanu-photoshops-from-urlesque-readers/