Mel Gibson has been announced as the first actor cast to join the John Wick prequel.

The Continental takes place 40 years before the beginning of the film series. Gibson’s character will be called Cormac, and it’s not clear yet what role he’ll have in the story.

The series reloves around a young Winston Scott who has to return to New York to face his past and attempt to seize the iconic hotel of assassins that is featured in the films.

The series is being produced as a three-part television special for Starz. Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward have signed on to the project as showrunners, who are also expected to write and produce the show.

The iconic star of the series, Keanu Reeves, is not expected to make an appearance, but Reeves might sign onto the show as an executive producer. He is currently filming John Wick: Chapter Four in Germany, France and Japan.

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