Kate McKinnon looks back on her favorite SNL moment from season 40, in a new ‘memorable moments’ video posted to SNL’s YouTube channel on Monday.

Kate McKinnon’s Memorable ‘SNL’ Season 40 Moment

McKinnon recalled her most memorable moment from season 40 of SNL in a new behind the scenes clip.

“My favorite moment of season 40 was — sitting and recording the track for ‘Wishin’ Boot’ — with Aidy and the writers Chris and Sarah,” Mckinnon said in the video.

“We had Blake Shelton singing his part in the most earnest way, and he sounded so gorgeous, and he was singing the dumbest song ever written,” the SNL actress added. “We were really cracking up.”

The hilarious country music video parody of “Wishin’ Boot” premiered on the show in January. McKinnon, Shelton and Aidy Bryant went all out in the video, as Shelton donned a long beard and cowboy hat, and McKinnon traded in her blonde hair for a short brunette wig.

The lyrics to the song are comical, focusing on the story of a family who lost their farm in a fire, and then magically found a cowboy boot that fulfilled all their needs.

“The Wishin Boot, The Wishin Boot, the little black boot that makes your dreams come true. The Wishin Boot, it was full of food, when you’re in need just believe… in the Wishin Boot,” the song goes.

“That was a really nice moment. Thanks season 40!” McKinnon said, as she winked at the camera.

Check out the funny and memorable “Wishin’ Boot” music video for yourself:

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