Julianne Hough has been posting cryptic quotes on her Instagram Stories about “feeling depressed” and accepting “change” following her split from husband Brooks Laich.

The first quote Hough posted on her story read, “When feeling stuck, depressed, anxious or hopeless, trying taking your attention off of yourself and helping someone less fortunate than you.”

Another quote she posted said, “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

“Take note of how you speak to yourself. There’s a difference between taking responsibility for your life and perpetually punishing yourself,” a third quote read.

The actress also shared a meme of actor Leslie Jordan smiling which had the caption, “Me after having an emotional breakdown.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Hough’s posts are about her split from Laich, her fans and followers are pretty certain their split has left the actress “feeling depressed.” Hough and Laich were married for three years and on May 29 the couple confirmed their separation.

Last year, Hough told Women’s Health that she had recently undergone a “massive transformation” and then came out to her husband as “not straight.”

A source close to Laich said, “Brooks was determined to make it work, but he was constantly questioning what changes he needed to make for Julianne to be happy. He was fighting with this for months and it was very hard for him to let go of his marriage.”

After social distancing apart in separate states, the couple decided in late May that they were better off apart. However, they are reportedly determined to remain close.

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