Josh Marks, who was a finalist in MasterChef season 3, is currently being evaluated by doctors for mental illness after his altercation with University of Chicago cops earlier in the week.

Marks’ attorney Lisa Marie Butler spoke on her clients behalf to give an update on his current situation. “We are working closely with medical professionals to determine if Josh's behavior could be related to mental health symptoms," Butler told "Our primary concern is Josh, his health, well-being and getting him proper treatment.

“Josh is an amazing, gentle and talented young man,” Butler added. He comes from a very close-knit family; is a cum laude college graduate and very involved in the community. His family is at his side to give him any support that he needs right now."

On Monday, Marks, 26, allegedly punched a University of Chicago police officer and attempted to grab his gun. When the three officers initially tried to apprehend the 7-foot-2 professional chef, he got out of their grasps and ran off. Eventually, a team of five officers was able to bring him down, cuff him and take him into custody.

While getting arrested, Marks reportedly blamed Gordon Ramsay for his crazed behavior. He suggested that the MasterChef host had turned him into a god and had possessed him.

Marks’ uncharacteristic outburst wasn’t a total surprise to everyone, including his fellow MasterChef contestant Tali Clavijo. "Josh was two different people … He seemed to always be a party guy, but he had this other side trying to be good,” he told TMZ. "He had split personalities."

Marks is currently being held at a medical facility and has not yet been placed behind bars. He’s being held in custody on $150,000 bail and will appear in court to face his charges on Aug. 5 in Chicago.

– Chelsea Regan

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