Josh Duhamel was given a heart-shaped thong when he made an appearance on Ellen the day after Valentine’s Day.

Ellen DeGeneres pried the Safe Haven actor on the details of his Valentine’s Day with wife Fergie. "Yeah, Valentine's Day was great," Duhamel said, playing along although the show was taped before the holiday. "I bought her a nice gift. I bought her some earrings, took her to dinner and then made sweet, sweet love."

Still not satisfied with Duhamel’s answer, DeGeneres went digging for more dirt – asking about their bedroom proclivities. Ever the good sport, Duhamel confessed, “We do a lot of dressing up.” Wanting to give her guest a gift that would keep giving, DeGeneres presented him with a red heart-shaped thong. “I have a heart-on,” he joked after he slipped the thong on over his pants.

Duhamel’s film Safe Haven, also starring Julianne Hough and written by the king of love stories, Nicholas Sparks, hits theaters tonight, Feb. 15.

Check out a video of Josh Duhamel on Ellen below:

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