Jon Stewart headed out from behind his Daily Show desk to enter into a ring with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins during Monday Night Raw.

Jon Stewart Vs. Seth Rollins

The feud between Rollins and Stewart began a couple of weeks ago when the WWE vet claimed that he could ably “take over as host of The Daily Show for John Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.”

In response to Rollins’ claim, Stewart took to YouTube, telling Rollins, “Coming after the Daily Show, you just stepped in a world of hurt, my friend. I’m coming for you Rollins. One hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite,” adding, “My bone density isn’t what it used to be. 160 pounds of wood…like a soft wood. Like a pine.”

Things hit a new level when Rollins crashed The Daily Show’s ‘Moment of Zen’ segment last Thursday and extended an invitation for Stewart to join him on Monday Night Raw.


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To Rollins’ surprise, Stewart actually showed up – and didn’t hold back on dissing him with some witty quips in Rollins’ domain. As Rollins rose from the desk to punish Stewart for all his trash talking, wrestler Randy Orton appeared from backstage. The momentary distraction gave Stewart a moment to give Rollins a swift kick between the legs and scurry out of the ring.

Asked afterwards if he might join the WWE after his Daily Show retirement, Stewart conceded, “I might have to train a little bit.”

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