Jon Hamm was spotted on the set of Mad Men, filming scenes for the second half of the show’s final season on Monday.

Jon Hamm Films 'Mad Men'

On the Los Angeles set, Hamm looked his 60s best as Don Draper. Standing on the porch of a motel, Hamm wore a mint green polo shirt tucked into khaki pants. Earlier during filming, Hamm emerged from a silver car sporting brown pants, a plaid shirt under a blue bomber jacket and accessorizing with aviator sunglasses, looking far more casual than how Don normally appears.

The first half of Mad Men’s final season wrapped up towards the end of May. Throughout the half-season, Sterling Cooper & Partners were adjusting to the era of the computer. Don has bigger problems than the machine, as he returns to the ad firm in the capacity of a copywriter. He’s also struggling to keep his marriage to Megan afloat, flying back and forth between Hollywood and New York City.

Fans of the AMC series will have to wait until the spring of 2015 to see how Don, Peggy, Roger and the rest are continuing to cope with the new world ahead of them.

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