It's been said that John Mayer's new single, "Shadow Days," is about ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, but if it is, Mayer's never going to admit it. "It's weird because I've never told anybody what a song is about, literally," Mayer told CNN. "There's no sources because no one ever asked! At no time writing the song did the engineer say, 'What's that about?' At no time did (producer) Don Was look at me and say, 'Hey Johnny, what's that song about?'"

Mayer said that people who speculate about the inspiration for the song are thinking more about tabloid headlines, less about the actual process of writing a song. "I think people are under the impression that I sit down with a pen, and I stare off at the wall and I say, 'Someone's going to get it.' And that's not how songwriting works," Mayer said.

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