The gossip site Deuxmoi is backpedaling after an unconfirmed item they posted prompted a strong response by actor Jesse Metcalfe. He wasn’t named in the blind item email but the address submitting the item used the name John Tucker, a likely reference to the 2006 film Metcalfe starred in, John Tucker Must Die.

“My friend hooked up with a z list hallmark actor on the weekend that is recently single. He could not stop talking about himself. There’s also some drama with hallmark on why they won’t hire him anymore,” the submission read. Metcalfe certainly has been in several Hallmark projects of late, but he told on himself a little bit when he got into the comments of the post on his own verified account.

After he wrote “This is BULLS–––T,” on the post, the Deuxmoi account responded with an apology statement on their Instagram Story. “Some emails I write myself based on information I am not able to confirm. I can not confirm any responses to blind items and will not put anything in writing that alludes to any actual information I know,” the statement began.

“I would like to publicly apologize to Jesse Metcalfe for posting that ‘bulls–––’ email last week. I didn’t know he was a working actor nor did I know he was in Hallmark movies as I do not watch that channel so I definitely thought the email was about someone no one knew.” They then gave some hilarious and strong advice for Metcalfe in the future by saying, “Little tip… If you think an email is about you, don’t respond publicly to it if you don’t want to bring attention to yourself.”

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