God’s Not Dead 2, the sequel to the surprise 2014 hit, released a trailer starring Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalfe.

God’s Not Dead 2

In God’s Not Dead 2, Hart stars as a teacher with a strong Christian faith in a strictly secular society. When Grace Wesley answers a student’s question about Jesus by referring to scripture, she’s soon fired and has her teacher’s certification revoked. The school’s principal and superintendent hire lawyer Pete Kane (Ray Wise) to take her to court over it. She helpfully finds a passionate defense lawyer in Tom Endler (Metcalfe).

“I hate what people like your clients stand for. We’re going to prove once and for all that God is dead,” Kane shouts at Endler on the courthouse steps in the trailer.

In court, Endler argues against Kane saying, “Mr. Kane will insist that faith isn’t on trial here. But that is exactly what is on trial,” adding later, “If we’re going to insist, that a Christian’s right to believe is subordinate to all other rights, then it’s not a right. Somebody is always going to be offended!”

With public opinion against his client, Endler warns her that the trial might not go her way, but Grace insists, “I would rather stand with God, and be judged by the world than to stand with the world and be judged by God.”

Ernie Hudson, Hayley Orrantia, David A.R. White, Sadie Robertson, Robin Givens, Maria Canals-Barrera and the late Fred Thompson also star in the faith-based film.

God’s Not Dead, which was made on a budget of only around $2 million in 2014, grossed more than $62 million.

God’s Not Dead 2 will hit theaters April 1.

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