Jeremy Jackson, a former Baywatch star, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly stabbing a man during a verbal altercation on Friday.

Jeremy Jackson Arrested

According to police, Jackson allegedly stabbed a man in the upper torso on Friday, April 24, and fled the scene before authorities arrived. Jackson, 34, starred as Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch from 1991-1999, and has had little success onscreen since. However, the alleged victim recognized him as Hobie form Baywatch, and Jackson was identified and arrested the next day.

Jackson reportedly admitted to the stabbing, but is claiming he acted in self-defense. According to Jackson, he was throwing a party at an Airbnb he rented when a man showed up and robbed him of $2,300. Jackson said that one of the women he was with at the time called a friend to help Jackson, but that friend ended up trying to rob him at gun point, at which time Jackson took out the knife and stabbed the man in the stomach, causing him to drop the gun and run. Jackson told TMZ that the man he stabbed was “a Canoga Park gangbanger with a clown tattoo on his face.”

Jackson, who has admitted to struggling with substance abuse problems in the past, has a history of violent behavior. In July of 2014, he made headlines when he got into an altercation with Paris Hilton’s brother, the details of which are still unclear.

Earlier this year, Jackson briefly appeared on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, but was asked to leave the house after exposing a fellow contestant’s breast.

Jackson has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and was released on a $30,000 bail late Saturday.

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