Jennifer Aniston half-brother AJ Aniston is continuing to keep a low profile after the death of their father John last month. Jennifer paid tribute to him in a touching social media post.

The Friends actress has two half-siblings. Jennifer’s late mom, Nancy Dow, shared John III with her first husband Jack Melick in 1959. Her father John welcomed Alexander “AJ” Anniston during his marriage to Sherry Rooney in 1989.

AJ was born and raised in L.A. with his parents. Living in a family where all members are in the film industry, AJ tried screenwriting. However, things didn’t work out for him. So he turned to the music industry and has reportedly been interested in bikes and making art using animal skulls.


He shares his son Ryat and younger daughter Kira with his ex-girlfriend Adriane Hallek.

Unlike his half-sister and half-brother, AJ remains out of the public eye. Although the press often approaches him because of his sister, he has kept his personal life private. “It’s been happening since middle school. It’s been a pain in my a– for years. No comment,” AJ told reporters a few years back.

Jennifer opened up about her strained family relationship during an interview with Allure. “I forgave my mom… I forgave my father. I’ve forgiven my family,” she said. “Who among us hasn’t tried — successfully or not — to forgive our family? … Families are things to be forgiven.”

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