On the March 5 episode of Saturday Night Liveactor and comedian Jason Sudeikis resurrected his Mitt Romney impression to the delight of the viewers.


The skit started off with CNN’s Jake Trapper (Beck Bennett) and the cast ripping into the GOP’s Donald Trump and Chris Christie.

“That’s right, America—I’m back,” Sudeikis started off his skit. “You didn’t ask for it, but you got it.”

Similar to the real Romney, Sudeikis took his segment time to complain about Trump.

“We in the GOP, the party of the great Ronald Reagan, we do not say racist and sexist things. We imply them. Subtly. Over decades and decades of policy. So I felt I had to take matters into my own tan, manicured hands,” said Sudeikis. “I chose to put Donald Trump on blast… He’s a flim-flam man!”

He went to mention to America that Trump is a “fool.”

After Trapper/Bennett mentioned that Trump had endorsed him back in 2012, he came back with, “Like I said, he’s a fool!”


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