Jamie Foxx was generally slammed for his performance as performance as Electro in the film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Many people criticized the movie for having too many villains, a slow pace and inconsistent writing. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 performed so poorly that all of Sony’s plans for a future franchise were canceled and the Spider-Man characters were brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be rebooted. The Spider-Man film series has found new success with Tom Holland in the title role in films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Despite the Amazing Spider-Man films being rebooted and future installments being canceled, Spider-Man fans were surprised to hear the announcement that Foxx will be appear in the untitled sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home.

While diehards are excited to see Foxx return as Electro, some are confused to why the actor is returning as the same character, especially one that received negative reviews from critics. Many fans, though, are still interested in seeing a version of Electro that will be more faithful to the comics and portrayed accurately. Foxx is the second actor from a different Spider-Man movie to reprise his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the same character. The first actor to do this was J.K. Simmons, who appeared in a mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home as a different version of the character. It is unclear whether this version of Electro will be the same one that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or not.

Fans will hopefully see a more satisfying portrayal of the iconic villain Electro. Perhaps Foxx can win people over this time as the character. Only time will tell.

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