Actor James Woods was in a major car crash in Colorado Monday, and was grateful to escape unscathed.

James Woods Accident

Woods took to Twitter Monday to share the details of his harrowing experience with his fans and followers. “God smiled on me today. I am so happy to be alive,” he wrote.

“Rockies, guy doing 75+ in an ice storm spun out. I hit right wall to avoid him, spun 180, hit left wall sliding backwards going 60 mph.Huge drop 100 feet into river below, but the guardrail held,” Woods explained. “I managed to pull out and slide down out of oncoming traffic. Six car pileup. I slid below it. No deaths. Banged up. Car wrecked. Good to be alive. Glad everybody survived.”

“Including me it was a seven car crash, I guess. Police told me I’m the only one who didn’t hit anybody else. I just crashed into the walls. I was in my 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee. That Jeep saved my life. An old tank,” Woods continued. “I tell you one thing, I admire the fire and police personnel and tow truck drivers out there in storms on dangerous roads. God bless them.”

On Tuesday, Woods thanked his followers for their concern for his wellbeing and messages of support. “It is very to me moving that you are all so caring,” he tweeted. “I’m doing great and plan to regroup tomorrow, but I’m deeply grateful for all of you.”

Woods only suffered a “little concussion” in the accident and has some soreness and stiffness, according to the actor.

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