James Redford, a documentary filmmaker, environmental activist and son of Robert Redford, died Friday at 58 years old after a battle with cancer.

His wife, Kyle Redford, announced his passing in a heartfelt statement via Twitter: “Jamie died today. We’re heartbroken. He lived a beautiful, impactful life & was loved by many. He will be deeply missed. As his wife of 32 yrs, I’m most grateful for the two spectacular children we raised together. I don’t know what we would’ve done w/o them over the past 2yrs.”

In an interview with Salt Lake Tribune, Kyle explained that James died from bile-duct cancer in his liver. Two years prior, his past liver disease had returned. James was awaiting a liver transplant.

Robert Redford also released a statement about his son’s passing, writing through a representative, “The grief is immeasurable with the loss of a child. Jamie was a loving son, husband and father. His legacy lives on through his children, art, filmmaking and devoted passion to conservation and the environment. Robert Redford is mourning with his family during this difficult time and asks for privacy.”

James was renowned for his documentaries that focused on the environment, science and education, reflecting the filmmaker’s own environmental activism. In 2005, James and his father joined forces to open The Redford Center, a nonprofit to produces films and provide grants to filmmakers to “accelerate environmental and climate justice, solutions and repair.”

At the time of his death, James was nearly finished directing his latest project, the documentary Where the Past Begins for PBS’ American Masters series based on the work of author Amy Tan.

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