Following the Parkland shooting, YouTuber Jake Paul visited Stoneman Douglas High School students to talk about gun reform in his 21-minute documentary “It’s Time To End School Shootings.”

Just two weeks ago, Paul shared on his vlog that he was going to take a break from daily vlogs, but returned on Monday to share his documentary in support for the students of the attack.

In the video, he interviews a student Jonathan “JB” Blank, who watched his classmates die as the gunman shot through the door. Paul also interviewed Senator Marco Rubio via Skype, where they discussed the shooting and how to move forward.

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After the interview, Paul said, “We don’t want to wait for hundreds of people in Washington, D.C., to pass some laws; there’s so many disagreements. We’re at a point now where there’s people in legislation, people in power, people like me, people like you guys at home watching this … where we all want the same thing, and that’s to make schools safe.”

On Twitter, he highlighted what he thinks are five ways to reduce gun violence, without the help with politicians.


Paul’s documentary has caused a lot of debate between fans and critics of the former Disney star.  Paul and his brother Logan have been the center of the YouTube community with their controversial videos.

One user points out all the times Paul has used guns and even shared pictures of his large machine gun tattoo on his thigh.


Another user states that people should try to understand “before you judge & bash on him from past mistake.”


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