Jada Pinkett Smith is open to talking about just about everything with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, and daughter, Wilow Smith.  When Pinkett Smith was featured this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Smith shared that on her own show, Red Table Talk, she and her family have even discussed topics like pornography and polyamory.

Red Table Talk consists of Pinkett Smith, her sixty-five-year-old mother and her eighteen-year-old daughter. It takes place in the Smith household with various guests coming to their house to be put on the show, which airs every Monday on Facebook. “It feels like more of a conversation, and it’s not really a talk, so it’s storytelling show,” Pinkett Smith told Jimmy Kimmel.

Pinkett Smith shared with Kimmel how pornography became a topic of conversation for the family members on one of the episodes of her show. “There are a lot of women, a part of our production team, and a lot of friends of ours, that have had problems with their mates and their relationships because of pornography,” Pinkett Smith said.


“We decided to tackle the issue at the Red Table, but I must say, I learned a little too much about my mother and surely about my daughter,” Smith told Kimmel.

Pinkett Smith also shared during her interview with Kimmel that her show is going to feature an episode on polyamory and will be featuring a particular ‘throuple’ that includes two women and a man. “It’s a ‘throuple’ that Willow found on her Instagram, that’s how it all came to be,” Pinkett Smith said. “She became very curious about the whole polyamory thing.”

When Kimmel questioned Pinkett Smith on if she thought her daughter was going to bring home two in-law kids in the future, she responded with, “Listen, she’s eighteen, who the heck knows what’s going to go down!”

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