Jackass 4 director Jeff Tremaine recently filed a restraining order against Bam Margera, one of the stars of the movie and television franchise. The restraining order became effective on May 25 and is expected to expire on June 15.

Tremaine filed for the order, which is also applicable to his wife and children, after Margera allegedly sent him and his family death threats.

In one of the texts, Margera allegedly said that he meant the threats against the director’s children “from the bottom of [his] heart.”

On the petition for the restraining order, Tremaine wrote he was “in great fear for [his] and [his] family’s personal safety.” Tremaine also claimed that Margera began to threaten him after being dropped from the movie Jackass 4 due to him failing to follow his contract by relapsing with his sobriety in June 2020.

Aside from the threats, Tremaine claimed that Margera got in contact with his colleague and said “that he has ‘powers as a wizard'” and “can create and strike lightning” while speaking at times using “numbers instead of English.”

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